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Meet Our Founding Members


A. Joy Rivera, Ph.D

Froedtert Health, WI

Executive Director of Patient Safety

Joy is facilitating the transition to a proactive harm-reducing safety program at Froedtert. Her primary goals are to promote the tenets of a High Reliability Organization, create active direction toward patient safety practices and promote continuous process improvements to reduce errors.


Andrea is an embedded Human Factors Engineer, where her role involves providing expertise through the application of human factors tools and methodologies, focusing on the prevention of patient and employee safety issues.


Brandan Kennedy, MD
Children's Mercy Hospital, MO
Hospitalist & Associate Chief Medical Information Officer

Brandan is a pediatric hospitalist, with a focus on Medical Informatics and an exuberance for embedded Human Factors within pediatric medicine.

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Eryn Godwin, MA
Children's Mercy Hospital, MO
User Experience Specialist
Public Relations Chair

Eryn focuses on implementing user experience and user-centered design within her institution. She has also designed and constructed this website for your usage and education.


James Won, Ph.D
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA
Human Factors Program Manager

James leads the human factors program at CHOP as part of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Analytics. His work spans across a wide variety of initiatives, with the goal of implementing human factors to improve safety and performance throughout every aspect of the hospital.


Ken is an applied research practitioner who has spent more than 15 years working in hospitals with healthcare professionals to improve safety and performance in acute care.


Laurie Wolf, Ph.D

Carilion Medical Center, VA

Human Factors Implementation Director

Laurie is an HF scientist dedicated to understanding human capabilities and limitations in order to design work environments, processes, and equipment that make it easy to do the right thing and difficult to do the wrong thing within the healthcare setting.

Nana Khunlertkit.jpg

Adjhaporn (Nana) Khunlertkit, Ph.D
Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand
Division Director, Business Process Transformation

Nana oversees the office of patient safety and applies human factors concepts to improve all aspects of hospital operations, including enhancing patient safety and increasing efficiency within the hospital.

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Y. Raymond Chan, MD, MS
Children's Mercy Hospital, MO
Hospitalist & Human Factors Physician Scientist

Ray is a pediatric hospitalist whose passion for improving healthcare for children led him to obtain his Masters in Ergonomics/Human Factors in 2018. He is currently working to implement HF principals within his institution's processes.


Russell McCulloh, MD
University of Nebraska Children's Hospitals, NE
Division Chief, Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Rusty is a pediatric physician working to implement HF principals and HF validated research into his clinical workflow and practice.


Sarah Fouquet, Ph.D
Children's Mercy Hospital, MO
Human Factors Scientist & Program Director

Sarah is an embedded Human Factors practitioner using applied HF methods, and system-based approaches to solutions. Her current focus is on workflow analysis, teamwork, and culture.


SQ specializes in applying HF principles, knowledge, and methodologies in applicative research and solution planning. He has designed products and user interfaces, as well as developed sociotechnical system processes.


Yushi Yang, Ph.D
Johns Hopkins Health System, MD
Human Factors Specialist

Yushi is a Human Factors Specialist in the operations team at the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. He utilizes his expertise in human factors to analyze, design and evaluate solutions to address patient safety issues and health IT safety concerns across the Johns Hopkins Health System.

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