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What is HFTH?

The Human Factors Transforming Healthcare network is a group of HF practitioners embedded in hospitals and health systems around the world. The network grew from a recognized need for something outside of panel presentations and happy hours at annual conferences. The same questions kept being asked, what does this job look like? What
resources do we need? What projects have we each worked on? This relentless pursuit of improving healthcare extends to those who want to get into this work, those who want to hire them, and those who will mentor them.

Our Mission

To catalyze transformative and sustainable changes in global healthcare by enculturating applied human factors.

Our Vision

Serve as international leaders in providing support, collaboration, and professional expertise for Human Factors practitioners in healthcare.

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What can HFTH do for me?

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The goal of HFTH is to provide resources for HF practitioners, providers, and hospitals looking to successfully apply HF principles in their organizations. Our hope is that this network will also provide resources to those who may be considering a career in HF, such as students, industry partners, and more.


For HF practitioners already embedded in their own institutions, the network should be a place where ideas and projects can be discussed with their peers. Faculty and students may find internship opportunities, shared research projects, and networking opportunities. Hospital staff may find job descriptions, ROI for embedded practitioners, and guest lecture opportunities useful.


Hopefully, there is something for anyone. And if there is something missing, please feel free to reach out to us via email or with the Contact Us section.

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For Embedded Healthcare HF Practitioners:

  • Provide a peer-mentoring platform for new HF embedded hires

  • Be a space for peer-to-peer networking and advice

  • Provide role positioning advice

  • Present project specific advice

  • Prepare HF change management

  • Give HF presentation/education resources

  • Create periodic, scheduled touch-bases with members

  • Be a repository of projects, data, and presentation slides 

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For Organizations:

  • Provide guidance to organizations looking to hire and embed HF resources within their organization

  • Create resources demonstrating how HF science is best implemented in healthcare

  • Show where HF professionals have been employed in the healthcare setting (e.g., Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, HealthIT)

  • Explain the benefits of in-house HF expertise

  • Assist to transform safety culture through HF training

  • General references for HF job descriptions, explaining the purpose and benefits of embedded HHF professionals

For Students:​

  • Provide career preparation advice for HF students

  • ​Offer HF review

  • Provide one-on-one mentor-ship

  • Grant access to lectures and seminars

  • Prepare students for career networking opportunities

  • Equip students with advice on career transition and planning

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For HF Professionals & Collaborators:​
  • Connect HF Professionals (e.g., academic faculty, medical device designers, HF Joint Commission staff) with HHF Practitioners for:

  • Collaboration

  • Research opportunities

  • Student internship opportunities

  • Seminar and guest lectures

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