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Safety in Healthcare with Erik Hollnagel

September 9th, 2021

Dr. Erik Hollnagel is an internationally recognized specialist in the fields of resilience engineering, system safety, human reliability analysis, cognitive systems engineering, and intelligent man-machine systems. He is also the originator of the concepts of Safety-II and Resilience Engineering. These concepts can help many industries, including healthcare, shift their approach to safety management.


That being said, there is still some ambiguity regarding these concepts and how to practically apply these principles in healthcare operations. Specifically, how are human factors engineers uniquely suited to lead healthcare systems into Safety-II (resilient) organizations? Are there practical tools and metrics to measure this journey and its impact? What are the differences between Resilient Healthcare, Safety-II, and High Reliability? These and many other questions require expert guidance, which Dr. Hollnagel will provide in what promises to be an extremely thought-provoking and inspiring webinar, to help us bridge theory and practice.

Download Slide Deck: Managing Healthcare Safely.pdf


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