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HFTH 2023 Officer Responsibilities

Clinical Chair

Member and

Practicing healthcare worker (e.g., physician, pharmacist, nurse, respiratory therapist, radiology technician, care assistant, etc.)

The Clinical Chair shall:

  • Represent and provide frontline perspective in Board and Network meetings

  • Recruit other healthcare providers interested in Human Factors

  • Promote Human Factors within their own practice and research

  • Advocate for Human Factors education within the realm of healthcare (e.g., graduate Clinical education, nursing, informatics, continuing education, etc.)

Student Representative

Member (HF Apprentice)

The Student Representative shall:

  • Chair the Student Committee

  • Recruit other students interested in healthcare and/or human factors

  • Work with the Student Committee and other Board members to execute student-lead or student-focused events and presentations

  • Work with the Public Relations Chair to promote and recruit students interested in healthcare human factors via social media

  • Be mentored by the Chairperson of the Network


Full Member (HHF Practitioner)

The Chairperson shall:

  • Be the executive Officer of the Network

  • Oversee all business and affairs of the Network

  • Provide vision, mission, leadership, and direction to the Network

  • Provide direction to develop and grow business of the Network

  • Preside over all meetings of the Network and the Board, unless s/he designates another Member to preside at such meeting(s)

  • Coordinate the Network activities in collaboration with the rest of the Board

  • Structure the Network to ensure continuity of leadership and provide mentorship to the next Chairperson

  • Approve all the Networks communications and events

  • Mentor the Student Representative

  • Collaborate with other healthcare organizations to establish affiliations

Public Relations Chair


The Public Relations Chair shall:

  • Chair the Events Committee

  • Publicize and promote Network activities and events through email, social media, and the HFTH website

  • Maintain correspondence records with Members and external parties

  • Develop and maintain the Network's website, email, and social media sites

  • Maintain a list of events and attendance statistics throughout the year for annual report

  • Have continuous access to the HFTH Gmail and Wix domain.

*Provide a brief design portfolio or proof of design capabilities to update the Network website

Officer Position

Membership Type


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