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Published 11/20/2020


Check out what we have been up to since the website went live

A Note From Our President

Hello all,

     For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you have been able to enjoy this crisp fall weather – I know we’ve already had both snowy and sunny days here in Kansas!

     I will keep this month's note short, but wanted to celebrate with you. Last month marked one year of having HFTH up and running on the web! As we look to the following years, we’re excited to share the results of the HFTH Engagement Survey and everything we have accomplished so far.

     Thank you for your continued engagement with this network, it is a community that I am continually thankful for,



Image by Brigitte Tohm

What have we accomplished this year?

October 1, 2019 - October 31, 2020


What has HFTH been up to?

Our website went live on October 1st, 2019 and we have been very busy since; trying to create the best experience we can for our members.


This month, we reached out to our members asking how they would like us to proceed and we were overwhelmed with the responses.

What are we doing with the survey results?

  • We are working to find new ways to engage our members in network decisions, meetings, workgroups and more.

  • We are creating much-requested resources and educational materials for hospitals, administrators and embedded practitioners.

  • Our board has taken all of the well-thought out comments to heart, and we plan to make small, but continuous changes to our organization as we move into the new year.

  • We will always keep you informed, so check your email and the HFTH Forum for updates!

Engagement Survey Results

Our members have spoken; and while we are still analyzing the data, we wanted to share what we have learned.

  • Our members feel supported by the network

  • The majority of our members are interested in being more affiliated with Healthcare Organizations

  • The most common 3 words shared:

    • Collaborative, Innovative and Informative

  • Our students feel well supported, but would like more guidance from our embedded practitioners

  • We still have some work to do and promises to follow-through on


We hope you stay as engaged as you have been and contact us with any question at


Are you an embedded practitioner with 3+ years experience and interested in helping create resources and educational materials? Email us!

The HFTH Forum

We'll be honest, we're new to running a network and managing a virtual forum is tough! But our goal is to be a resource, keep everyone engaged and in collaboration with one another.


Because of this, we have created a virtual space to share ideas, projects and ask for advice. If you haven't checked it out, now is the time!


You must be a member to access the form - it's easy to apply, learn how below!


HFTH Spotlight:

10 Questions in 10 Minutes!

This month's Spotlight is Sarah Fouquet, PhD!

Read Sarah's complete interview here.

1) What is your job title?

"Human Factors Researcher at Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City in Missouri."

2) Why did you go into human factors?

"As an undergrad I loved psychology, but I knew I wouldn’t be a good fit as a clinical or community psychologist. During my senior year I  had a psych professor mention a third program at our university- Human Factors. In one sentence she described how it combined cognition, computer science, and systems thinking... and I have been hooked ever since." 

3) Why did you go the healthcare route?

"My stepmom is a pediatric ER doc and would often come home lamenting all the poor designs she ran into but felt powerless to do anything...  All these people are doing the best they can, and yet the system consistently lets them down, or asks them to do too much. I saw HF as an opportunity to make a difference for people in healthcare."

4) Why did you decide to be embedded as opposed to work in academia or industry?

"Honestly, trial by fire. I did my dissertation in the ER observing attending physicians. I went in with a literature review, some questions, and my HF tools... That experience opened my eyes to the sheer number (and diversity) of opportunities in healthcare, something I  knew I would struggle to find in academia or industry."

5) What do you enjoy most about being an embedded HF practitioner?

"I love being able to make a difference and see the impact. I love forming the relationships with the staff, and they appreciate that... Not all of our projects have a big impact, but even the smaller ones make a difference for someone."

6) What is one piece of advice you would give up-and-coming HF professionals who want to be embedded in healthcare?

"Growth mindset all the way. You may walk into a hospital as an HF expert, but you will quickly learn all of the things you don’t know (hello, Dunning Kruger effect)... Providers, patients, families - they become part of your team, and they all offer something different you can learn from. That being said, you will fail, you will feel undervalued, and you will be discouraged. Instead of letting that get you down, learn from it."

8) What is your dream superpower?

"Teleportation! Sure it could help with the work commute, but can you imagine being able to just teleport to an island somewhere?!"

9) If you had the entire world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

"Slow down!! Take that mental health day. Ignore the yard work and read a book. Don’t feel guilty for calling it a day at 5pm or leaving early to watch a Kindergarten play. The work will always be there, but the little things won’t."

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We cannot wait to work with you!

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