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Healthcare Human Factors Practitioner (HHF Practitioner)

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in HF/HCI/Industrial Design/Psychology/Engineering/other related disciplines

  • Employed within a healthcare institution/system which provides some form of direct patient care (e.g. not health-tech, drug manufacturing, medical device vendors)

  • Holding a formal appointment (e.g. not ad-hoc/committee rep) requiring active operational work (e.g.not research or academic), titles may include: specialist, consultant, implementation director, engineer, designer, manager

  • Formal operational appointment should at least be 0.2FTE (20% of time spent working directly within healthcare institutions on operational issues)

HFTH Champion

  • Anybody (e.g.: clinicians, patients, caregivers, philanthropy entities) who share the same interest in healthcare human factors as well as the same vision to transform healthcare through enculturating applied human factors (e.g.: using human factors to improve patient safety, enhance patient care, support care delivery)

  • Interested in learning about and/or advocating for the application of human factors in healthcare settings

HF Professional

  • Possesses a university degree (or higher) in human factors or other related disciplines

  • Active professional career in human factors

HF Apprentice

  • Currently undergoing formal education in human factors (e.g.: HF-related Masters program), or full-time students interested in healthcare human factors

  • Interested in receiving mentor-ship for a future career in healthcare human factors.

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